Gabriela Milian
Gabriela Milian joined the ABC7 team as a community journalist in 2019. She previously worked as a storyteller at an experimental project for the E.W. Scripps company in Fort Myers, FL called Hello SWFL. Before that she was a news assistant at CNN's New York Bureau at the breaking news desk.

Born in New York, and raised all across the United States in a military family, Gabriela grew a love for travel and good storytelling. She hopes to continue polishing her craft in both English and Spanish-speaking communities as a storyteller.

Gabriela also enjoys looking for the best tacos in town, and spending time outdoors as much as possible.

She is a Rutgers University graduate, where she majored in journalism and Spanish. Gabriela is currently finishing her master's thesis at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and hopes to turn her thesis into a book.

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Gabriela's Stories
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