Self-defense expert offers tips on fighting off an active shooter

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Self-defense expert offers tips on fighting off an active shooter
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If you ever come face to face with an active shooter and you can't run or hide, here are some expert tips to defend yourself.

CULVER CITY, Calif. (KABC) -- Be the aggressor.

That's the message from self-defense expert Nelson Nio - if you ever come face-to-face with an active shooter and can't run or hide.

"First thing you do is fake compliance, so if you're right here, fake compliance. 'OK, OK, OK, I'll do whatever you want.'"

As you're talking, Nio says, shove the gun away from you, attack with your elbows and knees - and don't stop.

"Once you fight, you need to be fully committed. You can't just do a couple of strikes and throw a couple of things and then look. No, especially with the active shooter with guns, if you do that, you die. So once you throw something, you have to keep going."

These tips are part of the training Nio gives his classes at Shield Women's Self Defense in Culver City.

His students are all ages, from children to adults. Nio says the mass shootings are prompting more people to train for protection.

And while training for your own personal self-defense is crucial, he urges people to think about fighting back as a group, especially in the workplace.

"If you can't run or hide and the active shooter is coming in and you have space, you throw stuff at him. You can throw a computer monitor, you can throw a stapler. Anything in the office you can grab, even your phone. Your iPhone, you smash in the back (of the shooter's head) as hard as you can. Boom."

The last thing to remember is don't be afraid to fight dirty. It could save your life.

"Biting is necessary. If you forget everything you learned (in self defense class), bite, and once you bite, you don't let go, let him rip it out."