VIDEO: Adele fools Adele impersonators until she sings

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Saturday, November 21, 2015
British singer Adele

In a world of imitators, worldwide singing star Adele recently proved there can be only one genuine article.

In a hilarious stunt pulled by the BBC's Graham Norton, the singer put on a prosthetic nose, chin and concealing makeup and took on a group of impersonators.

She introduced herself as "Jenny" and disguised her voice, walk, and identity, saying she was a nanny.

As impersonator after impersonator took the stage belting her hits, Adele spent her time backstage enjoying the ruse, commenting on the impersonators: "She's got (Adele's) hands."

And then the real Adele pretended to be sick and disappeared from the audition.

The next time she's seen again, she's back on stage. The music cue began, she missed it, saying she's a bit nervous.

And then the fun began. Adele - the real Adele - sang. The faces on the impersonators lit up one-by-one in stunned, sometimes teary-eyed recognition, and they all started singing together.

Watch the full video below.