Not every holiday trip has to mean long lines at the airport

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Holiday travel often means long lines at the airport and expensive tickets.

But not always.

How does comfy couches, no security line, and free drinks sound for holiday travel?

JetSuiteX, which operates out of a hangar at Burbank's airport, has turned the airport experience upside down.

"I've taken it a couple of times before," said passenger Awesta Wahab. "Just the ease of it. The experience. Not having to go through security. The luxury of walking in 30 minutes before you have to leave. There's not 30 people running around all stressed."

Wahab and her husband are flying to Oakland for Thanksgiving. Their round-trip airfare cost roughly $260 each.

Former Laker and Clipper Matt Barnes travels back and forth often between Los Angeles and the Bay Area and says he's taken JetSuite X about 15 times.

"I live in the Bay and I live in LA and it goes right to Oakland airport and it comes right to Burbank so you can get here 10 minutes before your flight," he said. "There's no traffic. They don't check your bag, it's very convenient."

JetSuite, which says most of its security is done behind the scenes before you arrive at the airport, currently operates 11 flights a day out of Burbank during the week and 15 on weekends. The airline flies to Northern California and Las Vegas.

Another way travelers from LA are getting to San Francisco for the holiday is Cabin bus line.It's an overnight travel experience that leaves nightly from Santa Monica using a bus with private cabins. The cost is just $85 and you're served nighttime tea.

And there's also the train. Union Station offers trips to Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego. It was crowded on Wednesday, but there were no lines or delays.

"It's just easy to get through the station," said Sanders Ergas, who was riding the train to San Diego. "There's limited security. It's a nice relaxing ride. The train harkens back to a different time when life was slower."
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