All Good News: Teen scares up elaborate haunted house, offers neighbors safe. free Halloween treat

A special haunted mansion in Thousand Oaks is the creation of Wyatt Wiemer, a teen who's been setting up an elaborate Halloween display at his grandmother's house.
THOUSAND OAKS (KABC) -- A special haunted mansion in Thousand Oaks is the creation of Wyatt Wiemero. The teen has been doing this for three years, setting up an elaborate Halloween display in his grandmother's house.

"I just love the way it looks and seeing the detail and the lighting and to see people's reactions when they're scared or having a fun time," said Wiemero.

Wyatt wants to create props and animatronics and possibly work in the movie industry someday. He says he loves changing the theme of his haunted house every year. This year: pirates! And the neighbors agreed... these pirates are scary!

"I know Disneyland is closed hey come over here and look at the haunted house and see Disneyland right in the backyard I can't believe that it's authentic the Pirates of the Caribbean!" said Lorraine Brady.

The family says every year all the neighborhood kids come here to be scared and enjoy. They hope this year they can come by and still be safe.

"Usually it's like 200 kids so we'll see what happens this year," said Cathy Hillig, Wiemero's grandmother. "Everything's different this year."

No matter the number, Wyatt's father Matthew says the family will be ready to celebrate.

"We're happy that he does it for the neighborhood and doesn't charge anything for it he just gets joy out of seeing people get joy out of the work he has done," said Matthew Wiemero.
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