4 police officers injured breaking up high school fight in Pennsylvania

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Cell phone video shows fists flying through the air in a huge after-school brawl in Allentown.

Five students are now facing felony charges - one of them allegedly caught on camera dragging an officer to the ground by her hair.

Despite the arrests, police are looking for more teens who were involved.

The security level was significantly increased outside Allen High School at dismissal time Friday as school and police officials made sure they could prevent a repeat of Thursday's violence.

It was a riotous scene in which at least 100 students were caught up in the fighting.

By the time it was brought under control four police officers were injured, including a female officer seen on cell phone video knocked to the ground.

The officers were treated at the hospital following the melee, but have since been released.

At this hour five students have been arrested and charged. At least three of them are girls.

Many of their fellow students are disgusted.

Allentown's mayor and the police chief say more arrests are imminent on charges including aggravated assault and riot - both of which are felonies.

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski says, "The officers shows remarkable restraint when their own personal safety was at risk. Violence against our police officers cannot be tolerated. The perpetrators of this violence will be held accountable."

Police Chief Keith Morris tells us, "We are going to continue to investigate this until everybody that was involved has been identified."

Police say the hunt for more suspects will intensify over the weekend.
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