Delicious vegetarian, vegan foods you didn't know you'd love

Sunday, February 25, 2018 06:42PM
Going vegetarian! Eye on L.A. host Tina Malave recently made a lifestyle change and switched to a plant-based diet. This opened up a whole new, delicious world of dining!

LOS ANGELES - Going Vegetarian? Eye on L.A. host Tina Malave recently made a lifestyle change, like so many others, and switched to a plant-based diet. This opened up a whole new, delicious world of dining!

In this episode of Eye on L.A., we're visiting some of L.A.'s best vegetarian and vegan shops and restaurants that just might pique the interest of potential vegetarians, foodies looking to try something new, or folks interested in fun spots for meatless Mondays. Yum!

Follow Your Heart Market & Café
Follow Your Heart is a market and café in Canoga Park that has been serving vegan and vegetarian comfort dishes since 1970! They've also created a popular brand of vegan products under the Follow Your Heart brand, including Veganaise, their most popular item which is now sold in 25 countries. The atmosphere is comfortable and casual and for many customers, the restaurant feels like home.

Kristen Thibeault, Nybll
Kristen Thibeault is the co-owner and executive chef of the catering company Nybll, founded in San Francisco, with a new kitchen now in L.A., and she's considered a pioneer in plant-based cooking. After being diagnosed with cancer, she decided to make a change to her diet. Later, she started cooking for athletic teams like The Giants and The Warriors to give the athletes all the nutrients they need in a vegan diet. Kristin offers up some tips to being vegan and a few easy recipes that will give you all the nutrients you need for the day in one meal!

Lotus Vegan
Lotus Vegan
Lotus Vegan is a budget-friendly, Thai-style vegan restaurant in North Hollywood. They have traditional dishes like pad thai and a garden salad with peanut dressing. They only use organic ingredients and they do not use white sugar or MSG.

Cacao Mexicatessen
While not completely vegetarian, Cacao Mexicatessen offers a full taqueria menu for vegetarians! It's all handmade and their vegetarian options can be ordered as a taco, a sopa, or a burrito. Their food is incredibly authentic and hard to pass up, even if you're not vegetarian!

Doomie's Home Cookin and NextMex
Doomie's is a vegan comfort food spot in Hollywood that was created, not for the vegan, but for the person who was dragged there by a vegan. Some of their most popular dishes are their chicken sandwiches, western burger and the fried chicken basket. Some vegans actually get freaked out because the food tastes like real meat, but don't worry, it's 100 percent vegan! They also opened a sister vegan restaurant next door called NextMex, featuring modern Mexican dishes in a fun atmosphere!
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Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen
Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen is the world's first completely vegan Cajun restaurant and it's located in North Hollywood. The menu has traditional Cajun food, but is completely cholesterol free! It has all of the Cajun flavors that everybody loves and expects in a Cajun meal, minus the meat and dairy. The spicy jambalaya and hush puppies are so delicious!

Stuff I Eat
Stuff I Eat
Another vegan comfort food spot is Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, and it's headed by the vivacious Chef Babette. They offer tacos, burgers, and even a soul food platter. Using fresh and natural ingredients, Stuff I Eat offers the healthiest options.

Vromage Cheese
Vromage Cheese Shop
Located in West Hollywood, Vromage is a gourmet, artisan cheese shop that's 100 percent dairy-free and mind-blowingly delicious! All of the cheeses are completely nut and seed based. They take about 10 days to make and come in flavors like pepper jack, rosemary asiago, mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta, and more. The owner and creator Yoessef Vromage is a one-man show and says his clientele is made up of vegans, lactose-intolerant cheese lovers and delighted foodies. You can also order online, they ship worldwide.
Underwood Family Farms

Underwood Family Farms
Underwood Family Farms has locations in Moorpark and Somis, and gives you the opportunity to not only visit with non-working farm animals, but also pick your own produce! Bring the whole family out and walk the fields or take a tractor-drawn wagon ride out and pick the freshest fruits and vegetables while teaching the kids where their produce is from. Underwood Farms open for the season on March 1 and stays open through the winter holidays.

Located in Glendale's Kenneth Village, Yoga-Urt is the first all organic, vegan, frozen yogurt store in L.A., but you would never know it from the taste! They use their own, hand-made almond milk and cashews for the base most of their flavors and also add in probiotics so you get the maximum benefit from your tasty treat! It's a perfect dessert for vegans and lactose-intolerant folks, and they even make their own gluten free cones.

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