Historic photos from the 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches

Feb. 17: African Americans stand in line in the rain to try to register for a voter registration test in Selma, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 5: the Camden mayor and his auxiliary police, armed with shotguns and rifles, form a roadblock to stop 150 African Americans from marching into town. (AP Photo)
March 5: About 150 African Americans pray along a roadside near Camden, Ala. after they were stopped by the mayor and deputies from marching into the city. (AP Photo)
March 7: State troopers use clubs against march participants in Selma, Ala. At foreground right, John Lewis, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. (AP Photo)
March 7: S.W. Boynton, wife of a civil right's leader, is carried and another injured man tended to after they were injured when state police broke up a demonstration in Selma. (AP Photo)
March 7: State troopers, ordered by Gov. George Wallace, break up a demonstration march in Selma, Ala., on what became known as "Bloody Sunday." (AP Photo)
March 9: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., joins hands with other African American leaders singing "We Shall Overcome" at a church rally in Selma, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 10: a long line of demonstrators approaches a contingent of state troopers who turned them back during a voters rights march at Selma, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 11: voters rights demonstrators sleep on the street in Selma, Ala. after several attempted marches were halted by police. (AP Photo)
March 13: police block demonstrators attempting to push through their cordon in Selma, Ala. during a protest for voting rights. (AP Photo)
March 13: police officers hold back demonstrators who attempted to march to the courthouse in Selma, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 13: demonstrators join hands under a tarp to sing freedom songs in Selma, Ala. This group stood for two days, mostly in the rain, in a voter registration protest. (AP Photo)
March 16: mounted state and county police officers ride their horses into a group of demonstrators after they refused to disperse in Montgomery, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 17: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. uses a megaphone to address demonstrators assembled at the courthouse in Montgomery, Ala. (Photo/AP Photo)
March, 1965: Martin Luther King, center, leads a march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala. (Photo/AP Photo)
March 17: thousands of demonstrators march to the Montgomery courthouse behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to protest treatment of demonstrators by police during an attempted march. (AP Photo)
March 18: members of the Organization for Better Government march with a Confederate flag away from the capitol in Montgomery, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 18: police carry a demonstrator into a police vehicle after a group picketed, and refused to disperse after an hour and a half. About 80 were arrested. (AP Photo)
March 19: Willie Ricks, pleads with State Troopers to permit him and other voters rights demonstrators to picket on the sidewalk of the state capitol in Montgomery. They refused. (Photo/AP Photo)
March 19: nearly 400 demonstrators line up in the city's courtyard in Selma, Ala. after they were arrested in an attempted march on the home of the Selma mayor. (AP Photo)
March 20: President Lyndon B. Johnson called in National Guardsmen to protect marchers planning to march from Selma, Ala. to the state capitol at Montgomery. (Photo/AP Photo)
March 21: Dr. Martin Luther King, foreground row, fifth from right, waves as marchers stream across the Alabama River on the first of a five day, 50-mile march. (AP Photo)
March 21: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leads demonstrators cross the Alabama River on the Edmund Pettus Bridge at Selma, Ala. at the start of a five day, 50-mile march. (Photo/AP Photo)
March 22: a boy waves from a porch as marchers led by Dr. Martin Luther King leave their camp near Selma, Ala., to resume their voters rights protest march. (AP Photo)
March 22: New York Post Writer David Murray walks with civil rights marchers about ten miles from Selma, Ala. (AP Photo)
March 22: participants in first leg of the 50-mile march from Selma to the Alabama state capitol at Montgomery, warm themselves around a fire in an oil drum. (AP Photo)
March 25: state troopers block the steps of the Alabama state capitol at Montgomery, Ala. from civil rights marchers at the end of their five-day march from Selma, Ala. (Photo/AP Photo)
March 25: civil rights marchers in front of the Alabama State Capitol at the end of their 5-day march from Selma to protest discrimination in the state's voting practices. (Photo/AP Photo)
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