Neglected German shepherd puppy found during investigation adopted by Laguna Beach sergeant

Monday, June 19, 2017 08:31PM
Sgt. Dave McGill kisses his new puppy Gordo.
LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - A neglected German shepherd puppy found during an investigation is getting used to his forever home after being adopted by a Laguna Beach police sergeant.

The puppy was found by Laguna detectives who were investigating a series of car burglaries, which resulted in the arrest of two people in San Bernardino.

Gordo, who is just eight weeks old, was living in a backyard of one of the suspects. He was injured and starving.

Sgt. Dave McGill said he fell in love with Gordo and adopted the cute critter Sunday. McGill said it was one of the most memorable Father's Days ever.
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