Fireworks often leave shelters inundated with stray dogs in Long Beach. Here's how you can help.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- In the weeks surrounding Independence Day, Long Beach can be a bit loud.

Although the private use of all fireworks, including the "safe and sane" varieties, are banned in the city, residents still find ample opportunities to light up the sky.

"Leave the fireworks for the proper city firework display and stop torturing the pets with all that sound," said Emily Peters, Founder of Live Love Animal Care in Long Beach. "It's pretty scary."

Live Love Animal Care partnered with Long Beach Animal Care Services for their program, Foster the 4th in order to help save lives at the shelter this holiday.

"We noticed a really high influx of dogs coming into the shelter during the Fourth of July," said Lisa Darcy, Adoptions Coordinator of Live Love Animal Care. "There's a lot of fireworks in a lot of communities, but in Long Beach especially, the entire week surrounding Fourth of July is a little crazy. So it scares a lot of dogs and they go loose and they end up at the shelter."

Since shelters get inundated with stray dogs during Fourth of July celebrations, space becomes limited very quickly.

"When a shelter fills up and there is no more kennel space, they often don't have a choice but to perform euthanasia on the animals which is really heartbreaking," said Darcy.

Live Love Animal Rescue is looking for individuals to foster dogs currently at Long Beach Animal Care Services, in order to free up space at the shelter ahead of Independence Day.

"You can sign up to be a life-saving foster for two to four weeks," said Peters. "We ask that you become an advocate for that dog so they can get adopted and they don't have to come back to the shelter. Simple as that."

For more information on Live Love Animal Care, visit their website.
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