Photographer hopes elaborate portraits will help shelter dogs get adopted

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
One photographer has been taking stunning images of shelter dogs in hopes of getting them adopted.

One photographer is taking elaborate images of dogs in efforts to get them adopted.

Stuart Holroyd, 34, is a photographer from the U.K. Holroyd has been utilizing his photography skills to support the Bay Tree Project, an animal rescue shelter owned by Kayte Wilson-Smith based in Oroklini, Cyprus.

The photographs put the dogs in stunning settings, from a lonely mutt standing beside suitcases, to a happy terrier basking in the glow of a warming fire during the holidays.

"I saw my friend Kayte struggling and I wanted to do something different for her and try to get the problem noticed but in a more positive way," Holroyd told Media Drum World. "The shelter needs refurbishment so these animals can really have halfway house before their forever home."

Holroyd, who was inspired by his grandfather to get into photography, says he photos first started getting noticed on social media.

"I put my first photo on Facebook and people actually said they would have it on their wall. The rest as they say is history," Holroyd said.

Although the shelter is still under increasing pressure with incoming dogs, Holroyd is grateful that his work is making an impact.

"It fills my heart with joy to know that not only are people seeing these pups for the amazing animals they are, but it also amazes me how much they enjoy my work," Holroyd said.

"My message is that it is our responsibility to take care of the people and animals that cannot take care of themselves."

You can learn more about Holroyd's photography and the Bay Tree Project at the link below.

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