Top 7 animal stories from 2019

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Friday, December 20, 2019
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Here are our favorite animal stories from 2019!

We take a look back at the Top 7 animal stories of the year!

7. 'Gorilla crow' spotted in Japan takes internet by storm

A crow was spotted at a mall in Japan and racked up millions of shares on Twitter, with many calling it the "gorilla crow."

6. Tiger charges out of jungle at bikers in India

A close escape from the claws of a charging tiger was caught on camera by bikers in India.

5. Florida gator scales fence of naval air station

A fence in Florida was no match for a determined alligator. The gator scaled the roadside fence at a naval air station in Jacksonville with no problem.

4. Critter hitches ride on family car

A driver picked up an unlikely hitchhiker in Tennessee. A family was out for a drive when a raccoon jumped on their hood and did a little car-surfing.

3. Colorado dog owner helps Great Dane birth rare green puppy

A Colorado dog owner was in for quite a surprise when she helped her Great Dane give birth. The 8th puppy born to the 3-year-old Great Dane was born green.

2. Cat throws haymakers at coyote in fight outside Altadena home

A coyote was confronted by a cat outside an Altadena home and the feline stood its ground, fighting the wild animal and scaring it away.

1. Mama bear to the rescue

A mama bear came to the rescue when one of her cubs was struggling to stay afloat in the middle of a lake in British Columbia.