Northridge couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

NORTHRIDGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Neighbors, children and grandchildren of Milton and Adelaide Meisner came to their family home to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

Milton, 92, and Adelaide, 90, were introduced in an old-fashioned way, while they were both growing up in New York City because their mothers knew each other.

Milton was in college at Oswego State, now one of the SUNY schools in upstate New York, while Adelaide was studying at Queens College still living in the Bronx with her parents.

Adelaide knew that her parents were setting up a blind date between her and Milton, so she did some investigating before meeting him.

"I knew some people that went there and I said did they know him. 'Oh yeah he's a big man on campus you have to meet him.' So these were twins..." said Adelaide.

Milton had an explanation for why he was so popular in college.

"The reason was it was almost the end of the war and all the guys were gone and there were 12 men and about 300 women," Milton said.

That was in 1948, and a year later on June 25, 1949 they were both married on a hot and humid day in New York.

The Meisners ended up moving to Los Angeles when Milton got his first job out of college with LAUSD, as a wood shop teacher.

They now have three kids, four grandchildren and two great granddaughters that all live in Southern California.

The couple still acknowledges that in their 70 years of marriage they had their differences.

"We've had our strained times, but underneath all of that was the caring for each other a respect for each other," says Milton. "We were able to let go of the old crap and let it go and move on instead of dwell on it and use it as a weapon against something else. We've never done that. When we were angry we got over the anger we handled that and then went to bed."

To this day they still live by that principle along with a good sense of humor. Even after 70 years, their love is stronger than ever.
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