Oscars 2020: Nominees Antonio Banderas, Pedro Almodovar say this year's class of international film noms is stronger than ever

BEVERLY HILLS -- This year, the Motion Picture Academy changed the name of one award from Best Foreign Film to Best International Film. The worldwide reach of the Oscars is huge. The show itself will be seen in 225 countries around the world. And 93 different countries submitted a film "for your consideration" this year.

This year's nominees for the Best International Film category celebrated together at a special reception, representing South Korea, Poland, North Macedonia, France and Spain.

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Best actor nominee Antonio Banderas was on hand to support his director and longtime friend Pedro Almodovar for their film "Pain and Glory."

"It was a very beautiful thing. And it's very beautiful that I obtained that for a little movie and with Pedro Almodovar after 40 years that we know each other and eight movies together, and in my own language, Spanish," said Banderas. "So, I'm very proud of that."

While this marks Banderas' first Oscar nomination, Almodovar is an Oscar veteran; he won for his screenplay in 2003's "Talk to Her." He says he feels very positively about the international film world.

""I mean, the international movies are stronger than ever than I remember in the last years. And so, it says to me that there is a kind of opening in the mind of the members of the Academy to see us as equal," said Almodovar. "The audiences are watching more movies with subtitles than they've done at least in the last 10 years. So, this is something that has happened, at least it's a good sign for all of us."

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