Aranda Briones case in Moreno Valley: 2 brothers plead not guilty to murder

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- Two brothers suspected of killing a missing Moreno Valley teen pleaded not guilty to murder.

Owen Skyler Shover, 18, and Gary Anthony Shover, 21, entered their pleas Friday morning in court during their arraignment. No bail was set, and their next court date is March 28.

The two, who have been charged with murdering 16-year-old Aranda Briones, were assigned a public defender at their court date last month.

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The brothers were arrested in Hesperia more than two weeks ago.

Aranda was reportedly last seen on Sunday, Jan. 13 near the Moreno Valley Community Park at Frederick and Cottonwood. Her family said the last person she was with was Owen Skyler Shover, who claimed she was dropped off there to be with one of her friends and she was spotted getting into a gray four-door car.

Sheriff's officials said a camera system that was reviewed destroys that timeline. Police said the brothers were high school friends of Aranda.

Authorities continue to search for Briones' body.

Briones' father appeared in court Friday to look at the two men accused of killing his daughter.

"I've never seen such cowardice expressions in my life. They won't even look in my direction. Those guys are going to have to see God one day, and we'll be able to see if they're able to look God in the eye the way they did my daughter when they did what they did if they did it. I will tell you like this - God has a memory, he don't forget," Chapo Lee Briones said.

The brothers are also accused of killing Aranda Briones while lying in wait, which makes them eligible for the death penalty should prosecutors choose to seek it.
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