Hundreds line up for free Arby's-themed tattoos in Long Beach

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Arby's wanted to bring together the love of sandwiches and body art, so the fast-food chain offered free tattoos for anyone willing to get inked up -- as long as it was Arby's related.

More than 200 food fanatics stood in line at Port City Tattoo in Long Beach for the free ink. The promotion was limited to one tattoo per person.

The designs featured a mixture of American traditional-style tattoos with Arby's sandwiches and logos. Among the designs were a dagger stabbing an Arby's sandwich with their slogan "We Have the Meats," and a panther with a sandwich in its mouth. Some opted for a simpler option: a single curly fry.

There were 15 design choices in all. Arby's handed out free sandwiches to everyone getting a tattoo.

The fast-food chain made the artwork available to download for free if anyone wanted one of the designs, but anyone not at the Long Beach event will have to pay for their Arby's tattoo.