Looking for a great place to eat in L.A.?

But there are a few standouts for the year. Take a look at the top seven new restaurants of 2007.

What's old is new again at Bastide in West Hollywood.

"It's the same name, same location, same very enigmatic owner but radically new concept," said Tara de Lis, Citysearch Los Angeles editor. "The menu has changed dramatically. There's a new chef, and the decor is very dramatically different as well. Citysearch users have dubbed this the ultimate splurge restaurant of 2007."

Tasting menus at Bastide start at $80.

"This is a place where you come in, and everything can be taken care of for you," said Bastide owner Joe Pytka. "You're not threatened by the menu because the menu is what the menu is, it's safe for everyone."

Fine California cuisine is served up at Bashan in Glendale.

"As one Citysearch reader put it, this is a new little treasure," said Tara de Lis. "The restaurant is unpretentious. It's located in Montrose, a little bit of a drive, but well worth it."

Standouts at Bashan include sweetbreads, quail, and homemade dulce de leche.

"I try to seek out the finest ingredients, and then it just makes my job easier because if I get really good produce, really good fish, just prepare it simply and let it shine on its own," said Nadav Bashan, chef and owner of Bashan.

Try Osteria Mozza for some of the best Italian food in town, but plan ahead.

"We're talking about a month wait for a table," said Tara de Lis. "Now, you can go in as a walk-in, but if you want that table you've got to call at 10 a.m. the day it opens a month to the date."

Tanzore in Beverly Hills is Bollywood paired with good food.

"The vibe here is cool," said Nikki Sood, Tanzore. "Anyone can walk in and have a good time at the bar. The idea is you can keep coming back, having the great food that we serve here, Indian modern food."

Traditional appetizers are served alongside seared tuna. The tandoori sea bass is a must-try, although you can't go wrong with the lamb chops or lobster.

"This isn't like your traditional neighborhood curry joint," said Tara de Lis. "This is really special. The portions are usually individual."

Rounding out the Citysearch Top 7 of 2007 are: Fraiche in Culver City, Craft in Century City, and Tracht's in Long Beach.

In Orange County, check out Sapphire Laguna in Laguna Beach.

In the Inland Empire, try Three Forks Chop House in Claremont.

Citysearch's Top 7 restaurants


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