Wet winter weather driving tips

GRIFFITH PARK Traffic is moving smoothly Wednesday night on the Interstate 5, but add rain and L.A. traffic takes a terrible turn. The experts say you can avoid serious problems by remembering some simple rules.

Like oil and water, wet roads and L.A. traffic don't mix, and it can often be a deadly combination. CHP officers respond to hundreds of accidents every time a storm moves in.

Experts say you can stay safe behind the wheel with a few simple maneuvers. Wednesday the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department and California Highway Patrol demonstrated what can go right, and what can go wrong.

In most cases, drivers are going too fast for the conditions. If your tires have poor tread and you hit a puddle, you'll end up spinning out of control.

"To go ahead and correct that, you've got to turn into the way [the car is] sliding immediately," said Dan Hill, San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. "Lay off of the accelerator, and of course don't brake whatsoever."

No brake and no accelerator, and most importantly, stay calm. Not overreacting is the best way to sail through a dangerous situation.

From slick roads down below, to snow and ice up in the mountains, authorities say to always come prepared. That means always bring chains, because conditions can quickly take a turn.

With more wet weather set to move in within a matter of hours, the CHP says if you only remember one thing, it's as simple as two words: Slow down.

The CHP says it really can't be stressed enough: You must reduce your speed when it's raining and leave more room between you and the car in front of you.

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