Parade floats showcased in Pasadena

PASADENA The weather cooperated Wednesday afternoon as thousands of people showed up in Pasadena to view the floats from the Rose Parade.

All 46 floats were lined up on Sierra Madre Boulevard and Washington Boulevard Wednesday.

On New Year's day cheering crowds lined the streets to watch the Rose Parade and admire the spectacular designs from a distance.

Viewers on Wednesday were able to get close enough to the floats to smell the flowers.

"It is unbelievable how they make it all happen. The hours of work that they put into it, my hands up to everybody that helps," said South Carolina resident Gary Jeffery.

"They are absolutely beautiful. I want to come back every single year," said South Carolina resident Heidi Jeffery.

Colorful and creative, the grand gardens on wheels were even more fascinating to spectators up close then they appeared on television.

Even the very young were able to appreciate their beauty.

"I saw lots of floats with a lot of flowers and amazing designs," said Thousand Oaks resident Riley Taylor.

"The chief, the Indian one, was my favorite," said Claremont resident Michael Reise.

"They were all my favorite actually. I thought they were great and I love them," said L.A. resident Kai Evans.

"The detail is amazing and just the work that had to go into it is just incredible. I would suggest to anyone to come out and see it," said L.A. resident Kevin Evans.

Parade organizers say that 74,000 people came out to see the floats last year after the parade and expect similar numbers this year.

The floats were available for viewing until 4pm Wednesday and the venue closed at 5pm.

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