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LOS ANGELES And wait until you hear what kinds of jobs are up for grabs. You may not get rich, but you could find a new job that will be very fulfilling in other ways. There's a real boom in jobs for the baby boomers.

Dr. Robert Lew spent most of his life saving people before retiring at age 52.

"I decided to retire because I had completed 25 years of emergency medicine and what I thought was a reasonable career," said Dr. Lew.

But it turned out retirement wasn't what the doctor ordered.

"I wanted to continue to do something productive and something in my professional field," said Dr. Lew.

So now Dr. Lew works with a pharmaceutical company, studying new drug compounds. He found the job through YourEncore, one of a slew of new job sites aimed at people age 50 and older.

"The workforce in America is aging and there are more people over 50, over 60 and indeed over 70, who are continuing to work and who are finding new jobs," said David Bank.

David Bank studies the trend and says some people keep working for the stimulation. Others need the money, as they realize their retirement savings are too meager. At the same time, more businesses are now looking to hire older workers for their expertise and loyalty.

"Employers are increasingly turning to older workers to fill their own workforce shortages, which are increasing in a number of fields," said Bank.

That's where sites like these come in, connecting retirees with companies offering all kinds of opportunities.

"Healthcare is one of the largest fields. Not only nurses, but occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, radiologists, home healthcare aids," said Bank. "There's a demand for teachers and also for adjunct teachers and classroom aids and tutors. There are demands in particular in science and engineering."

Terry Etter, whose story is featured on the site, said goodbye to her family business at age 55. But she didn't last long.

"I was bored," said Etter. "You can only clean house and do so many home projects."

She uses retirementjobs for its tips on resumes, interviewing and age discrimination. She has a new job in banking.

"I like working with the people I'm with. Most of them are much younger than I am," said Etter.

These sites are typically free to use. Salaries run the gamut, depending on the field. As with any job search site, David Bank says retirees should be aware of privacy issues whenever posting resumes online.


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