Ford updates famed Mustang 'Bullitt'

LOS ANGELES Steve McQueen's 1968 film "Bullitt" is still often thought of as the definitive car-chase movie. The dark green Mustang he drove in pursuit of the bad guys is the inspiration for the new Ford Mustang Bullitt.

The Bullitt is all about lots of guts and not much glitter, just like the movie cop and his machine. Notice how the front end wears no emblems at all -- neither did the film car.

Under the hood, the muscle of the Mustang GT's V8, with a few extra ponies. And of course, a dual-exhaust system that makes a great soundtrack.

That 10-minute chase scene in the movie "Bullitt" made the Mustang Fastback an icon of cool. So much so that this is the second time Ford has created a Bullitt-edition Mustang. The first one was several years ago based on the old body style. Today's Mustang is even more suited to being a Bullitt, because its lines more closely resemble those of the '68 edition.

So while the image of superstar Steve McQueen making tracks back in the day lives on thanks to DVDs, the Bullitt Mustang offers up a special driving experience -- a combination of retro and modern.

Inside, options a cop from the Sixties couldn't imagine, like satellite radio and a navigation system to find crime scenes. McQueen's Lieutenant Bullitt never had it so good.

Sure, the Bullitt is definitely subtle, but movie buffs and car enthusiasts know it's got a rich cinematic history behind it.

So how much will it cost to drive something with the coolness of Steve McQueen attached to it? The Bullitt edition Mustang costs $3,300 more than a conventional Mustang GT.

Ford thinks that about 7,000 or so buyers will pony up the extra bucks for the Bullitt, nearly 40 years after that iconic movie hit the big screen.

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