Storms raise fear in Santa Clarita

SAUGUS (KABC) Sandra Fulton is preparing for what could be the biggest storm she has seen in years.

Fulton's home is in Saugus right below a hillside that burned in the Buckweed Fire in October.

The hillsides are bare and ripe for mudslides.

"We were right in the middle of the fire storm. The fire storm was right in our backyard. Oh Lord please, I am not looking forward to that. We are hoping that is not as great as it should be, but we have to prepare for all of that," said Sandra Fulton.

Fire stations in Santa Clarita are giving away sandbags. Officials advise that anyone who may need sandbags should not wait till the last minute.

They predict the upcoming storms will cause a lot of damage.

"In this area the vegetation is gone and the hills are baron. The mud is going to roll right off of it, the water I should say. It is very hard and that is the fear of the flooding in the homes and into the back. It is especially tough for homes that are backed up to the hills," said Capt. Gary Dellamalva, L.A. Co. Fire Department.

Another big fear for the locals is flooding. A creek in Saugus flooded in 2005 and could easily flood again.

"We are right next to the creek, about 40 feet from it. It does overflow and the fire did burn all the up to the house. There is no cover on the hills. We are just getting prepared for the rush of water," said Saugus resident Mike Guich.

Emergency crews are prepared and are now bracing for anything to happen.

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