Rainwater sweeps Corona woman away

CHINO (KABC) Lindsey Erickson, 25, of Corona died when her pickup truck was swept into a flood channel in Chino.

Erickson and her boyfriend Rene Valencia, 36, unwittingly drove onto a flooded road because someone removed a barricade. She called 911 around 1 a.m. to say the truck was sinking, police Lt. Al Cheatham said.

Rescuers found Valencia clinging to a tree and say Erickson's 911 call probably saved his life. He was treated for cuts, bruises and hypothermia.

Erickson's body was found about one mile downstream.

Family members say Erickson would have done anything to save the life of her friend. They're trying to figure out how something like this could have happened, and so are authorities.

"Road Closed" signs were posted on the street Erickson and Valencia were driving on. Authorities don't know if the signs were moved, or ignored.

Authorities have now chainlinked the "Road Closed" barricades together so that they cannot be moved to make sure no one else can cross the road.

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