Special training for weather emergencies

WILL ROGERS STATE BEACH (KABC) It's a heavy job, but someone has to do it.

About 75 members of the Conservation Corps gathered on Thursday at the beach to train how to fight a flood.

"We do this training twice a year. What we do is we train here so in case the floods come or if it rains, we can respond," Margaret Moilov of the California Conservation Corps said.

If there is any sort of disaster, these crews may be the first to respond to a call from the governor's office.

They're learning everything from sandbag stacking techniques to teamwork.

"Everyone has to be working together. Everybody has an actual thing that they have to do, so team work is a big, big thing," Christian Herrera said.

In the event of a flood, Corps members may build a sandbag ring that collects water in the center and can prevent levees from collapsing.

"That's our main focus, protecting the levees," Simone Glosson said.

Last week's storms put homeowners on edge in Southern California. Although there were no major problems, residents in Orange County and Santa Clarita were prepared with sandbags.

Workers at the training camp say it's something residents should continue to do.

"Always be prepared. Whenever they hear the news that there's going to be rain or storms coming in they need to start preparing and getting sandbags for their homes," Herrera said.

In the event of an emergency, these guys will take care of the rest.

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