Vote 08: Clinton visits City of Commerce

CITY OF COMMERCE (KABC) Straight off the campaign trail in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton laid out her own plan for jump-starting the economy in the City of Commerce Friday.

Clinton did not go into detail on her economic plan while campaigning in Las Vegas. In the past, she has said she supports a middle-class tax cut, eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy, and increasing minimum wage.

She says she sees the mortgage crisis as one of the biggest issues facing the economy, and that the Bush Administration has not done enough to alleviate the strain on Americans.

"Nevada has the highest home foreclosure rate in America," said Sen. Clinton. "Now, we've got to do something about this. There's a big difference between talking and acting. I'm a doer, I'm not a talker."

The event at the Electrical Training Institute was her first visit to Southern California since a fundraiser in early December.

The mortgage crisis may be very important in the presidential election. Together, the states with highest rates of mortgage foreclosures, including California, carry half of the electoral votes.

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