Vacationing O.C. woman missing all week

SAINT MAARTEN, Caribbean (KABC) Leta Lynn Cordes vanished while vacationing on the small Caribbean island of Saint Maarten. The Mission Viejo woman has not been seen since Friday when she left her vacation home to go gambling, according to Cordes' husband of 20 years.

He says she had been drinking and decided to walk to a nearby casino with only her ID and $100 in cash, but when he woke up the next morning she had not returned home.

"My first reaction was, I was scared to death because it's not like her. That was my first reaction because she's never not come home all night -- never ever," said Cary Honstein, the missing woman's friend.

Cordes' friend, who spent the holidays with the couple in the Caribbean, says it's not like her to simply disappear.

Cordes husband is staying in Saint Maarten to help with the search.

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