Cold winter storm moves in

VENTURA (KABC) Flooded streets slowed drivers down Wednesday along Shoreline Drive in Ventura.

As the rain moved in Wednesday residents pulled out their umbrellas and rain slickers.

Some locals say that they do not worry about a minor rain storm. They are more concerned with maintaining their casual lifestyle.

"I always wear shorts. I wear shorts 365 days out of the year, even if it is raining," said Tad Dewire, Ventura resident.

The rain is expected to drop a good amount of water into the local rivers. After last year's drought the Southland is need of a good soaking.

"Well that's what we need. We need a nice steady rain, so it just comes down and gets our lakes back up to where they are suppose to be, Cachuma, Casitas and Piru. A nice steady rain is better than a flood of rain all at once because of the new burn areas," said Dewire.

Up the 101 Freeway from Ventura at Seacliff and La Conchita residents worried about mudslides. But despite the downpour on Wednesday the hillsides held.

There weren't any surfers at the beaches in Ventura. The tide was unusually high Wednesday.

Residents adjusted to the wet weather. Many did not allow the rain to interfere with their daily exercise.

"I am training for the L.A. Marathon so I do not have a choice. I am going to run eight miles. It is very wet and I keep running into these huge puddles. I started taking off my shoes, but I gave up. I just run through them now," said Schatzi Sovich, resident.

The rain event is expected to be significant, dumping over a half inch an hour in some places. Southland residents are going to be dealing with it for at least another couple days.

A flash flood watch for the recent burn areas went into effect at 1 p.m. Wednesday and is expected to last through the evening.

Snow is falling in the higher elevations. This is great news for the tourism industry, but for travelers it could be really dangerous.

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