Monrovia residents wake up to hail

MONROVIA (KABC) From a distance the white stuff coating homes offered a convincing impression of a fresh snowfall.

"I thought it was beautiful," said Lisa Banuelos, a Monrovia resident. "It was like this hard, hard, I mean, it came down so hard, it was so beautiful though. I woke up this morning and thought, I thought I was up in the mountains."

But closer examination revealed it was actually pea-sized hail. Residents say they were awakened by the sound of it pelting their houses and the ground around 5 a.m.

"I thought it was snowing here, but actually, you know, when we stop and see it, it was just hail, rocks of hail," said Jose Hernandez, a utility worker. "They were pretty good size. It was amazing."

"I was worried about my car," said Carole Hedrick, a Monrovia resident. "But we're from Atlanta and so we're kind of used to floods and hail, but more worried about other people out here who like freak out about rain."

The results of the wild weather weren't great for drivers. There were at least a couple of accidents along the 210 Freeway as drivers did their best to navigate on the slippery roads.

But even people who work outdoors seem to be enjoying this brush with weather rarely seen in the area.

"Feels good though, feels nice to be out of the heat for a change," said Joel Walker, utility worker.

Other than the traffic accidents, no major problems were reported. The hail just gave people in Monrovia something to talk about for quite a while.

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