Exclusive poll: Clinton's lead narrows

Exclusive Eyewitness News Poll by Survey U.S.A.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) Coming off a decisive win in South Carolina, Barack Obama's poll numbers in California are on the rise. According a new poll prepared exclusively for Eyewitness News, Obama is closing in on Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the former Republican frontrunner in California has fallen into fourth place.

If the Democratic primary were held today, Hillary Clinton would defeat Barack Obama. According to an exclusive poll conducted by Survey U.S.A., Clinton would win with 49 percent of the vote compared to his 38 percent, while former Senator John Edwards would finish third with nine percent.

Back in October, Clinton led Obama by 37 points in California. Compared to Survey U.S.A.'s most recent survey two weeks ago - before Obama's South Carolina victory - Clinton is down one point. Obama is up three points. Edwards is down one.

Reacting to the new polls, a Clinton spokesman says despite Obama's bump, the Clinton campaign still enjoys a double-digit lead over Obama.

Along race and gender lines, Obama leads among men by 11 points. Clinton leads among women by 30 points, creating a 41 point gender gap.

On the issue of race, Clinton takes 43 percent of the white vote. Meanwhile, Clinton is strong with Hispanic voters at 65 percent. Obama takes 41 percent of the white vote, a virtual tie with Clinton. Meanwhile, the senator from Illinois has strong support among black voters at 61 percent.

On the Republican side, a horse race has taken shape between Arizona Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney. McCain is in the lead with 37 percent of the vote, while Romney comes in 12 points behind at 25.

In third place, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee enjoys at two point lead over former New York Mayor Rudy Guliani.

A spokesman for the Guiliani campaign downplayed the latest poll numbers, saying they expect their candidate to finish strong in Florida and California.

Meanwhile, a Romney spokeswoman says their candidate is in a position to win in California due to a strong grassroots campaign.


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