Teacher accused of using glue gun on kid

COMPTON (KABC) Martin Luther Elementary and the Compton School District are not commenting on the allegations that one of their teachers used a hot glue gun on a student.

They have said that a investigation is underway at this time.

Eyewitness News reporter Rob Hayes spoke with the district's deputy superintendent Thursday afternoon. He did not want to do an interview on camera, but did say that earlier this week there was an incident involving a teacher and a hot glue gun.

He would not say what was alleged or what grade was involved in the incident. He said that the teacher was accused of "inappropriate behavior."

Most of the parents hadn't even heard of the incident, but some were told by their children that earlier this week a female teacher used a hot glue gun to attach something to a student's nose. The kids also mentioned that the child involved was injured.

The Compton school police also refused to discuss the incident. They said it would jeopardize their investigation.

Parents say they want to know more and that they are angry and upset. The teacher in question is on paid administrative leave.

The Compton School District says that they will not release any details of the incident until their investigation is complete.


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