Vote 08: Clinton, Obama in tight race

NEW YORK (KABC) Clinton's win in California was huge for her campaign and it helped give her a slight lead in delegates. This will also give Clinton momentum going into the next round.

Senator Clinton has an estimated 43 percent of the delegates required to secure the Democratic nomination. That is about 80 delegates more that Barack Obama, depending on who is counting.

There are other contest coming up fast in states like Louisiana and Obama is expected to be strong in those states.

Clinton won among women, older voters, Hispanics and the less affluent, according to exit polls.

"Politics isn't a game. It's not about who is up or who is down, it is about your lives, your families and your futures. It is about the people who have shared their lives with me. It's about people looking for solutions, like the mother whose insurance company will not pay for her child's treatment; or the couple so determined to send their daughter to college and willing to mortgage their home with a second sub-prime mortgage," said Clinton.

The exit polls indicate a record Hispanic turnout in California. It is reported that 69 percent of those Hispanics voted for Clinton.

Her opponent had overwhelming support from black voters and white men. Women nationally accounted for 57 percent of all Democratic primary voters. Clinton also did well among seniors winning by a 13 percent margin over Obama.

Clinton is now appealing to voters of all ages.

"Give us this economy to rebuild and this war to end. Give us this nation to heal and this world to lead and this moment to cease," said Clinton.

Clinton wants four debates between now and the end of this month. She's done well in the debates, and hopes to do well again.


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