Teen girls wanted for Long Beach stabbings

LONG BEACH (KABC) Police in Long Beach are investigating two separate stabbing attacks on men, each involving a group of teenage girls. Officers are trying to determine if these two cases are linked.

Police call it an unusual crime, one which might catch the victims off guard, men just not expecting a group of girls to attack.

Many residents in this Long Beach neighborhood never heard of such a crime: a group of teenage girls attacking a single man late at night.

Police say in the first incident, four teenage girls got into a car with a 23-year-old man who offered to give them a ride.

"The suspects began attacking him, and in this case, one of the suspects did stab the victim," said Long Beach Police Spokesperson Nancy Pratt. "He was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries."

Police say they don't know if they knew each other, or where they were headed, but authorities allege the girls robbed the man of personal items.

Half an hour later at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday about a mile away, another attack, involving six teenage girls and a man in his 20s walking alone on the street.

"There is some sort of conversation between the victim and the group," said Pratt. "And at one point, one of them makes a threatening statement to the victim. At that point, one of the suspects does pull out some sort of sharp object and attacks the victim."

Police won't say exactly what the girl said, but officials allege the girls were attempting to rob the man.

Police are now trying to see if the cases are related.

"It is definitely a possibility," said Pratt. "You don't have incidents occur like this where you have groups of females involved as the suspects."

"There's a lot of stuff happening over here," said Long Beach resident Chin Ban. "People getting shot, but you know, I never heard about this -- girls stabbing guys for the money. That's crazy."

"I'll be in the house before 5 o'clock," said "Eli," a Long Beach resident. "Because it's crazy. Play it safe around here is all I can tell you."

Police say that the first victim, the man who suffered the multiple stab wounds is in stable condition. The second man suffered a minor cut to his hand. He is going to be OK.

Police if you're a man or woman, don't walk alone -- walk with a friend at night.

If you witnessed either attack, you are urged to call the Long Beach Police Dept. at (562) 570-7464.


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