How to 'guy-proof' your diet

Don't let your love contribute to your love handles
While the initial dating game might have made you lose your appetite, once you've moved in with your mate there's a tendency to eat foods higher in sugar and fat while exercising less.

Let's face it, trying to stay slim while living with "him" can be rough. Due to muscle mass and other factors, guys can eat and drink whatever they want and not gain an ounce, while we pack on the pounds. Here's how you can enjoy the love -- without the handles.

When it's time for Chinese takeout, his plate is often veggie-free, leaving more room for more rice and entrée.

No need to copy, trade the rice in for vegetables to lose 150 starchy calories off your meal while adding low-cal, nutrient-packed goodness.

Guys eat fast food more often than women and -- no surprise -- choose burgers and fries over salads. But that doesn't mean you have to. All the big chains have veggie burgers, grilled chicken and salad options for you.

When he breaks out the chips while you're road trippin', arm yourself with portable proteins like cheese and yogurt, or fiber bars that are sweet and filling. Fiber One bars and Larabars are both good choices.

Rather than boycott his boy food, treat yourself to mock manly meats. He has ribs, you have Boca BBQ 'riblets.' He's got wings, you've got the meat-free alternative like Chik'n wings from Morningstar Farms.

Similar taste and consistency without the saturated fat, cholesterol and calories of the real deal, shaving off about 100 fat calories from the plate, even more if you dip those wings in low-fat Ranch dressing, rather than the real deal.

If pizza is his thing, get a thin-crust veggie version. He can load up his side with extra meat and cheese, while you arm your portion with grease-free goodies.

And what guy doesn't like a chili dog? This particular recipe is great for both guys and gals alike. Start with a high-protein, high-fiber, low-fat chili of your choice. Bush's Best Homestyle chili, Hormel turkey chili with beans, or even a vegetarian chili will work. Then grab a low-fat dog like Hebrew National's 97 percent fat-free frank and a whole-wheat bun with some low-fat cheese.


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