Solution for singles on Valentine's Day

LOS ANGELES But Chef Kerry Simon of Simon L.A. found a solution for individuals who need a little attention on this day.

"I have a communal table where we like to feed people in general, as it is now," said Simon. "So if they're on their own, they wander in and meet somebody. Could be pretty interesting."

"It's kind of a forgiving way to go out when everybody's in a couple, instead of sitting home by yourself," said Hilary Carr.

Simon's singles table, which is featured front and center, works for those traveling, needing an after-work nosh, or just wanting company without the stress and pressure of set up dating.

"The food, the great personality, the looks," said Moore. "Nice time to mingle."

Valentine's Day can also be about the love of food. It's no surprise that fabled aphrodisiac foods and "Love Potion #9" grace the menu. An added bonus for singles, it's half-price.

In the event you're feeling like you're the only one lonely, relationship expert Lauren Frances will be on hand for those who need a little help looking for love. The author of "Dating, Mating, and Manhandling," Frances loves the big table idea as a conversation piece.

"Everybody there is there for the same intention, which is to actually get to know people, let them be the center of attention, let Cupid come find them," said Frances. "It's like a love vortex here."

She says many make the mistake of hiding at home on this day when they should be out looking people in the eye and flashing a big smile.

Her advice for the lovelorn?

"Not only men, but women should practice the art of throwing people a crumb and paying people a compliment, which is the perfect icebreaker," said Frances.

For example, guys should day, "Nice handbag," and gals should say, "Nice tie."

For more information:

Simon L.A.
Sofitel Hotel
8555 Beverly Blvd.
(310) 358-3979

Prices for singles:

  • $31 for the three-course meal (food only); Regular prices $62

  • $39 for the four-course meal (food only) ; Regular prices $78

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