Pricey puppies stolen from local pet store

LA MIRADA The price tag on those four stolen puppies totals about $6,000, but without the right paper work the thieves probably won't fetch that amount.

The Sheriff's Department is hoping that surveillance video will help them catch the suspects and retrieve the stolen puppies. That's also the hope of the store owner.

The three suspects busted through the glass door of My Pets early Tuesday morning. They then went behind the counter to grab the puppies from their cages, which were not secured, and quickly rounded up the animals they wanted.

One of the suspects touched the outside of the plastic cage, leaving behind figure prints that could possibly identify him.

They stole two Old English Bulldogs, one French Bulldog, and one long-haired Chihuahua.

The thieves didn't have pet carriers to transport them. The puppies were loaded up in a laundry basket. The Chihuahua actually jumped out of the basket but did not escape, one of the dognappers grabbed the dog and put him back into the basket.

The puppy heist took less than three minutes to complete.

Owner Jinoh Lee says the suspects appeared to be young men. He thinks the men possibly stole the dogs to give to their girlfriends on Valentine's Day or they wanted the dogs to sell for money.

All of the puppies that were stolen have microchips implanted in them, which might help authorities locate the dogs and return them to their rightful owner.

The owner says the Bulldogs have been extremely popular. He's been selling about 30 of them a month.

"I think they need the money or a puppy for their girlfriend because Valentine's Day is coming," said Lee.

If you have any information about the stolen puppies you're urged to call the Sheriff's station in Norwalk.

The owner says he did have a puppy stolen from the store at the end of December. Somebody ran in during business hours and stole a puppy from a back area and ran out.

There have been some other similar thefts of puppies in La Mirada happening late last year but those suspects have already been apprehended. Authorities say they don't believe this puppy heist and those are connected.


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