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In 1992, Rigoberta Menchú-Tum was the first Latina and first Guatemalan to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Born in 1959, to a poor Indian peasant family and raised in the Mayan culture, Rigoberta Menchú spent her early years helping with the family and community with farm work. As a teenager, she became involved in social reform activities through the Catholic Church, and became prominent in the women's rights movement. At the time, her native country was in civil war. Unfortunately, during this violent civil war, her entire family was murdered. After this tragedy, Rigoberta vowed to always fight for human-rights and never give up hope. She kept her promise…and, became an advocate for human-rights for people all over the world. In the early eighties, she told her life story in a book called, I, Rigoberta Menchú.

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