Beauty tips to make you red carpet ready

BEVERLY HILLS From expensive facials to body treatments, celebs are known to go all out when it comes to getting red carpet ready. But with a trip to a beauty supply store, you can get some of these tricks of the trade effects, starting with Murad's body bronzer.

"It has a color in it, and it's instantly firming," said Natasha Nocei, La Peer Beauty. "It says it will increase your firmness by 32 percent in 15 minutes."

St. Tropez is an olive-based self-tanning mousse to use the day of an event or party.

"Even start the week of, and gradually build it up to get darker because every few days you want to replenish it, so it gets darker and darker to where you like the shade of it," said Nocei.

For skin firming effects, Mama Mio is not necessarily for post-pregnancy moms.

"Or post weight loss 'cause you have all that excess skin and it's supposed to firm it up," said Nocei. "So, you can use it on your tummy, you can use it on your arms, legs, all over the body."

There are several new face firming serums.

"The Ziba Gotty, that's really known as botox in a bottle," said Nocei. "You can put it up even around the eye area, underneath your eye cream, it goes on nasal labia folds. Unwrinkle has a synthetic snake venom in it. It relaxes the muscle kind of like when you get bit by a snake."

And from Dermalogica there's Map 15 Regenerator

"It comes out like a powder, but as soon as you rub it, it's going to turn into a cream," said Nocei. "It plumps up the surface of the skin."

For a temporary face lift effect, the Mario Badescu line is good for everyday use.

"You can put it all over your face, your neck, declotte, of course avoiding the eye area, but it lifts for eight hours," said Nocei. "It uses basically like egg whites and rose."

Murad makes Nocei's favorite product for around the eyes.

"It does medium to deep wrinkles, de-puffs, dark circles. It's just like a little miracle in a tube," said Nocei.

And for the look of bee stung lips use Lip Fusion XL.

"It's dehydrated marine collagen. They're nanospheres, and what they do is they penetrate the lip. Once they hit that water in your lip, they plump up," said Nocei.


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