Dog takes owner's truck for a ride

AZUSA "Wednesday morning, it's a routine for me to stop at the AM/PM mini-mart -- just picking up a cup of coffee," said Charles McCowan. "And I went in, and came back out, and my truck was gone."

At first, McCowan thought his truck was stolen. But apparently Max had taken it for a ride on accident.

"When I got out of the truck, I probably put it in neutral and I pulled the emergency brake. It's not going anywhere," McCowan explained as he demonstrated the brake for Eyewitness News. "But I think because he is so hyper, somehow he hit this emergency brake and it went back down."

Surveillance video shows the truck rolling backwards into oncoming traffic. The truck even went over a center divider and eventually ended up in the gas station across the street.

McCowan says when he finally found his truck with the help of police, Max was fine.

"I saw Max, though, when I went to the car over there," laughed McCowan. "I said, 'Are you all right?' He just goes [imitating dog panting]. Yeah, so I know he was fine."

McCowan says it's a miracle no one got hurt.

"What are the possibilities of a truck careening across a street, jump a center aisle, and not get hit?" asked McCowan.

Now he'll be thinking twice about taking Max on his coffee runs.


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