Young girl nearly abducted in Baldwin Park

BALDWIN PARK Many parents Monday picked up their kids from school after a near abduction occurred in Baldwin Park.

Parents and school officials are taking every security precaution possible after a young girl did everything she could to fight back.

The kidnapping attempt occurred at 7:52 a.m. in the 4700 block of Larry Avenue, according to the Baldwin Park Unified School District's police unit.

"I didn't really notice anything because I didn't really see him until he grabbed my arm and pulled me back," said Violet Prado, student.

Violet Prado, a petite 7th grader that weighs 68 pounds, was attacked by a grown man on her way to school.

"He is about 5'7" and is heavy set," said Capt. Michael Taylor, Baldwin Park Police Dept.

Baldwin Park Police issued a look out, patrols were increased and school officials at Jerry D. Holland Junior High released a telephone alert to parents.

The incident took place not far from the school. Prado was walking down the street when the man jumped out from behind a parked van and grabbed her.

"I wasn't really paying attention. I didn't think anyone would be behind cars. He put me close enough that I could smell his breath and it smelled like alcohol," said Prado.

She wanted to fight back, but she was carrying a heavy back pack. Her first reaction was to bite him.

"He had his head right there so I tried to go like that, but he just let go. So I just ran back home," said Prado.

"I could tell right away, she came in and she was just hysterical. She could not talk at first and was almost hyperventilating," said Jennifer Prado, mother.

"Right now investigators are checking all of the registered sex offenders that live in our city and the surrounding communities in Southern California," said Capt. Taylor.

Police are searching for a balding Hispanic man who was wearing a red plaid shirt and torn jeans. He may have been homeless.

Meanwhile Violet Prado has advice for all students. "Try to see if anyone is hiding anywhere. Look for hiding areas where someone could hide."

Anyone with information is urged to call the Baldwin Police Department at (626) 960- 1955.


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