Skateboarding added to curriculum

FILLMORE One local school may have found the perfect solution with a new P.E. class.

Some Tony Hawk wannabes are learning their skateboarding tricks in school.

Fillmore Middle School is taking steps to make skateboarding a staple in the school's curriculum.

"The thing that's ironic about it's that posted out front that there's no skateboarding allowed at school. And yet though, right on inside here we have 60 skateboards and all the equipment to skate, so yeah it is kind of a cool deal," said Dave MacDonald, physical education teacher.

At first, the class was a big surprise to many students.

"I was like, 'No. You're kidding right?' Like, I started laughing because I really thought it was a joke. But then when we came in, and I was like, 'wow, it's for reals,'" said Betty, a student new to skateboarding.

"It's an awesome physical fitness activity," said MacDonald. "I mean, the kids you can see are sweating, they're moving, they're constantly in motion. They learn spatial awareness, the core balancing they have to do on the board."

They also learn about team work.

"If a student is having trouble, they will take the time to help the child along," said MacDonald. "Nobody's looking down on another student, which is really a neat thing. There's absolutely no competition between the kids, and when a kid is able to do something, everybody cheers for him."

It's an environment where students become the teachers.

"I use them exclusively to teach all the tricks, all the techniques," said MacDonald.

"I just try to have fun," said Francisco, a student.


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