Fast food biz gets Feng Shui makeover

HACIENDA HEIGHTS On the outside, it's a retro-looking McDonald's -- it has a typical drive-through, golden arches and a prime location on a busy road. But walk through the door, and you'll find waterfalls, wood ceilings and fiery red pillars -- all classic examples of the Chinese decorating technique called Feng Shui.

It may be spelled funny, but Feng Shui translates well to interior design. But why go through all this for a McDonald's?

"The San Gabriel Valley, as you probably know, has a large and growing Asian population. And they appreciate when we try and do something to appeal to their cultural diversity," said McDonald's co-owner Peter Horner.

But you don't have to be Asian to appreciate Feng Shui. It's all about energy and flow, as well as promoting health, prosperity, and harmony.

For instance, the doors in the restaurant are not directly across from each other.

"That lets all the good karma escape from the building," said Horner.

And no one wants to waste karma -- especially when it adds up to a 20 percent boost in business. That's what Horner says the Feng Shui redesign has added to his restaurant's bottom line.

You can't actually order any Feng Shui at the restaurant, but the closest thing you can find on the menu is Asian Chicken Salad -- or maybe a Feng Shui Sundae.

Kids on the McDonald's playground get into it with a little "Fun" Shui. So maybe fast food isn't too bad for you, every now and "Zen."


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