Eat water-rich foods to fill up fast

Fullness is often determined by the weight of a meal, not the amount of calories.

We often get full from eating salad, but most of us don't think about the reason why. One of the main reasons is water. Water-rich produce has been shown to help dieters slim down more than by just cutting calories. So take a look at the produce that offers the most.

It's no surprise there's loads of produce that contain water, with fiber another factor that fills you up. Just one cup of these foods offer an abundant amount of water for very few calories.

Made of 95 percent water a cup of sliced radishes offers just 19 calories. Snappy and spicy, they're a nice pre-meal munch.

A close second at 93 percent water is shredded cabbage at 17 calories a cup. Sprinkle cabbage in soup, on salad, or put in a taco in lieu of lettuce

Spaghetti squash is 92 percent water with just 31 calories a cup. It's delicious roasted in the oven with a little olive oil.

A Thanksgiving favorite, cranberries are 87 percent water and just 44 calories a cup, although sweetening is usually required. Try honey, agave nectar or even orange juice to reduce tartness. Grating a teaspoon of tangerine rind into the mix offers a wonderful citrus smell and taste.

Brussels sprouts are 86 percent water. A cup of these cruciferous veggies are a mere 38 calories. They're also great roasted in the oven with a little olive oil drizzle.

Finally, at 83 percent water, chopped kale is a scant 34 calories a cup. This leafy green is often steamed for soup or side dishes, yet a raw kale salad with dried cranberries in a bit of dressing is a wonderful alternative to typical salad greens.

Now in the event you don't like these fruits and vegetables remember there's loads more that carry lots of water. Remember this rule of thumb: For every meal or snack add a fruit or vegetable to lower the total calories of your meal and drop pounds easily.


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