Burn more calories with a work workout

The International Journal of Obesity reports that one in four women gain weight at work. Some say it's because of the long hours sitting combined with little time for the gym.

Sleepy, bored, and hungry are just three effects of sitting at a desk all day. Of course doing jumping jacks would be more than embarrassing, but there are lots of small easy ways to burn more calories at the office than you are right now.

Give eyes, neck and shoulders a break by moving every 20 minutes. The calorie count isn't huge, but all the extra moves add up over a course of the day. Experts suggest adding 15 minutes of exercises at your desk can burn up to 130 calories a day.

Try a seated twist that releases shoulder and back tension while working abdominals.

  • Sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor. Extend arms overhead with palms facing in, shoulders down away from ears. Twist your body to the right side, at the same time lower your arms outstretched to the sides with palms down at shoulder level. Return back to center with arms overhead.

Or test out chair squats in a chair pose. They firm up the backside and thighs while strengthening the upper back.
  • With feet hip-width apart, slowly sit back and squat nearly sitting about one inch from seat, raise arms over head. Hold, then return to standing.

A 140-pound woman can burn up to 20 calories in five minutes doing heel lifts. Torching 60 calories standing rather than sitting while on the phone for a half hour.

And if only 15 minutes is spent on the stairs in lieu of the elevator, you can fire off 130 calories more.

Want some detailed assistance? A new fitness computer CD ROM software called 'FLOW' offers desk jockeys seven, five-minute exercise sessions to do at the desk using major muscles. It costs $30.00. This tool is smart in that it offers options for the programs to pop on screen every 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute, or 2 hour intervals.

Of course food is the other part of the equation. Planning fuel is as important as scheduling meetings or choosing wardrobe.

Lunch should feature protein and produce to stay with you all day. Aim for 20 grams of protein with greens that offer low sugar carbohydrate. Remember anything made at home is generally lower in fat and calories than over portioned high fat restaurant food.

Keep a bag of whole grain low sugar cereal with dried fruit at the desk for a nutritious snack.

If the vending machine calls, get something with nuts to keep protein and healthy fat in your day, while providing staying power without the sugar rush.

So say goodbye to job fat. Cut calories, relieve stress and stay on top of your game by eating well and moving more - a whole lot better than cola and a candy bar.


FLOW Software Program: www.thewavecorporation.com


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