The green alternative to taco trucks

"It's a healthy alternative to the 'roach coach,'" said Michael Klima.

Fondly known as "taco trucks" or "roach coaches," there's nothing new about these meals on wheels, until now.

"We basically use all alternative fuels and we actually recycle those fuels to power the business," said Kam Miceli.

Co-owner of Green Truck, Kam Miceli says his operation is entirely sustainable. Solar power runs the kitchen, vegetable oil used in cooking fuels the trucks, even plates and flatware are made from corn that's compostable rather than petroleum-based Styrofoam.

"We reclaim all the water we use on the truck and wash the trucks with it at the end of the day," said Miceli.

And the food is also lean and green. They have the Mother Trucker burger -- it's vegan -- we've got the breakfast burrito with a tofu option and no iceberg lettuce served here, loads of dark leafy greens -- big and nutritious.

"A lot of people eating vegan or raw believe they are living a healthier lifestyle and they feel better," said Michelle Dellapena.

The food is organic but don't panic -- the menu shares equal time with chicken, meat, and fried food that's comparable to others.

"I went with the breakfast burrito," said Michael Klima.

Which is five dollars and 50 cents more than competitors.

"We use sashimi-grade mercury-free Ahi tuna which is 14, but we have French fries for three dollars and grilled cheese for six," said Miceli.

Currently two Green Trucks serve L.A.'s Westside, Beverly Hills and downtown area with trucks driving into Santa Barbara and Irvine next month.

"The idea is to have these solar-powered commissaries which can support a fleet of vegetable oil trucks all across the country," said Miceli.

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