Couple brutally beaten in Moreno Valley home

RIVERSIDE What started out as a home invasion in a Moreno Valley neighborhood turned into an attempted murder scene.

It happened early Saturday morning. Detectives say two suspects broke into an apartment, confronting a couple sleeping in their bedroom.

They demanded money and then beat them both on the head with blunt objects. When police arrived after a neighbor called 911, they found the couple unconscious.

"We ended up finding two victims there. A male and a female were beaten on the head so massively that we are considering this an attempted murder," said Jerry Franchville, Riverside Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Detectives say that there were two kids in the house at the time of the attack. Fortunately the two were uninjured.

The female victim works at Cardenas market in Moreno Valley. A manager at the market says that she had just worked the 3:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. shift the night before the robbery.

Resident Dena Patlin says that there was plenty of police activity in the neighborhood the following day.

"It just looked like a lot of police officers and forensics and that is all I saw," said Patlin.

Many of the homes and apartments in the area are surrounded by rod iron fencing. In this case though it did not matter.

"Wherever I live I always lock my door. It is just the way it is when you have kids and that is what you do," said Patlin.

"The population is so high and unfortunately when you have this many people living around each other some of them are going to be bad apples. I do recommend locking your vehicles up, locking your front doors and don't open it unless you are absolutely sure that you know who is at the door," said Franchville.

Police are looking for the victims white Honda Accord. They say the suspects used it as their getaway vehicle. The license plate number is 2ZLE931.

Anyone with information is urged to call police at (951) 486-6800.

Police haven't been able to interview the victims yet, they're still unresponsive.


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