LAUSD throwing out recalled beef

INDUSTRY All of the recalled beef that the LAUSD is disposing of will go to the Puente Hills Landfill. They are getting rid of more than 156,000 pounds worth of bad meat.

Workers began loading the bad meat onto pallets Wednesday. They then will be transferred to the landfill.

Both raw and frozen ground beef was recalled. It is expected to take the district three days to get the meat moved from the warehouse.

The beef from the Hallmark-Westland Meat Company is part of the largest beef recall in U.S. history.

After undercover video was shot by the Humane Society 143 million pounds of beef was recalled.

The undercover video showed sick cattle being dragged and forced to slaughter.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture forbids the use of "downer" cows for food because they could be carrying disease, such as mad cow disease.

Most of the beef from the Chino slaughter house went to the National School Lunch Program. The recalled meat dates back to February 2006. While much of the meat that the LAUSD received had been consumed, the district took immediate action the moment they learned of the recall.

"We keep track of all of our product. All cases of product have codes on them so we know where they go and where they are from. The minute we got that, within the hour we had all of the beef stopped and on hold," said Dennis Barrett, LAUSD.

The meat is being brought to the Puente Hills Landfill and will be buried with all of the other trash and debris. The LAUSD says that the beef is worth about $105,000. They say that the government is going to replace the meat and reimburse any cost associated with the recall.

Since the recall was issued the LAUSD stopped serving any beef products at all of their schools. The district says that once all of the recalled beef has been destroyed they will start serving the beef again.


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