HydraFacial new buzz word in spa industry

LOS ANGELES She has acne and that has been a problem that's unpredictable and it has been a big source of stress for her.

"It's frustrating when you go to a photo shoot and then they have to be even extra makeup on you to cover your pimples," said Maria Garcia.

Getting a regular acid peel is out of the question as they've left her with red, scaling skin for days.

Most peels use strong acids which, while effective, can require lots of down time. But that is not the case with the new peel that Maria Garcia has been trying. It is called the HydraFacial.

"We use it for hyperpigmentation, to lighten the hyperpigmentation. The facial is also for acne," said Liz Owens, an aesthetician.

The HydraFacial uses a special tip that allows an aesthetician or dermatologist to exfoliate, clean, hydrate and do extractions on the skin at same time.

It does involves using some acid, like lactic acid, but it's a gentler version that's delivered with other ingredients to prevent the type of burning often felt with other treatments.

You won't get the same results as you do with a regular peel, but it's a tradeoff for any harsh side effects.

"It's different in the sense that you don't have the peeling. You may see a little bit of flaking for a day, but that's it. You will look normal, you can go to work, whatever you like. There is no real down time," said Owens.

"My sunspots are gone, my skin just looks a lot clearer. I get a lot of compliments and everyone's always asking me what is different," said Garcia.

The HydraFacial is often done in a doctor's office. It can cost anywhere from $125 to $175.

Doctors and aestheticians usually recommend you get about four treatments for lasting results.


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