Man out for walk stabbed; No suspects

HOLLYWOOD It happened Sunday night on the 7400 block of Romaine St. in Hollywood. Seventy-year-old Katan Khaimov was walking just blocks from his home when someone stabbed him.

It is not known how long he was lying on the ground, before police found him.

On Monday night, a neighbor spoke out about her friend of 15 years. Eighty-year-old Sonya Berelstein is shocked that her friend has been killed.

"He was the best man in the world. He was a quiet man and a nice man. He worked hard here," said Berelstein.

Sonya Berelstein lived across the street from Katan Khaimov, 70, who was stabbed in Hollywood Sunday night.

He was out for his nightly walk when he was stabbed and then left in the street to die.

Berelstein says that Khaimov would normally walk with his wife, but on Sunday night he was alone.

Neighbors gathered Monday night to talk about the tragedy hoping to find comfort in each other.

"He was very educated and he had a very nice family. He also has very good children," said Berelstein.

"He was a good man. He was a very good man. He was a strong good man," said David Lieberman, victim's friend.

LAPD officers responded to a call at 11:00 p.m. Sunday evening. They found Khaimov in the 7400 block of Romaine Street, which is just a few blocks from his home.

Authorities do not know how long Khaimov had been in the street.

"It's a little noisy block here. There is a few people that are homeless or drunks that make a lot of noise. I heard some noise last night," said Robert Chasin, a Hollywood resident.

Chasin cannot be sure that what he heard was Khaimov moans for help. He says the neighborhood is becoming more dangerous, particularly near Poinsettia Park.

"There are some undesirables that show up from time to time. In the middle of the night you will hear some noise and it can get rowdy," says Chasin.

Police say they have no motive and no suspects. If you have any information, you are asked to call the LAPD at (877) LAW-FULL (877-529-3855).


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