Canine mayor banned from city stores

Rabbit Hash, Ky. There is one problem though the mayor is now banned from entering any stores in the city.

Junior is the mayor of Rabbit Hash. Several years ago someone came up with the idea of electing an honorary mayor to raise money for the town.

"He feels just terrible. He's been sick here lately and then having this come along. You take a sick dog who's favorite thing is to go to the store on Sunday and greet all the children and now he's not allowed to do that," said Randy Cochran, Junior's owner.

Junior was elected after the first mayor, Goofy, past away.

But Junior has been banned by the Health Department, after a visitor complained about animals inside the store.

Junior's supporters question whether the ban is motivated by political jealousy.

Junior's owner says he plans to petition the northern Kentucky Health Department to allow Junior back in the store.


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