Animal Control officers accused of cruelty

CAJON PASS The allegations have been leveled against Adelanto City Animal Control officers.

Many of the animals at the Victor Valley Protective League are brought to the facility by Adelanto Animal Control.

But not all of the animals that Adelanto deals with are brought to Victor Valley Protective League.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department says that they are looking into whether Adelanto's officers were abusing some of the animals.

Sources say that they are looking into whether Animal Control officers drowned some of the pets and buried them in the desert.

"I do think that if someone did do that they deserved to be punished," said Kathy Williamson, Victor Valley Protective League.

Kathy Williamson runs the Victor Valley Protective League. She says she cannot imagine why the city of Adelanto would want to kill the pets instead of giving them to her shelter.

"We do accept animals from that particular city in question. They have no limit and they can bring us as many as they want to. There is no reason for them not to bring them here," said Williamson.

There is a cost for Adelanto to bring the animals to the Victor Valley Protective League. It costs $37 per dog and $23 per cat.

Officials at the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department say that they are not talking about specifics, because no one has been arrested and no charges have been filed.

"These were criminal allegations. Even though they involve animals they are taken very seriously. The report has been completed and now the district attorney will make a decision," said Cindy Beavers, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

Adelanto City Manager Jim Hart did not want to talk about specifics either.

"Allegations of this kind or any type of misconduct by city employees is always upsetting. In a small city like Adelanto we have a small staff and we all work very closely together. We are all trying to move the city forward in a very positive fashion. When you have allegations of misconduct or things that are of this nature it stops everything from being able to move forward," said Jim Hart, Adelanto City manager.

At this time no one has been arrested or charged.


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